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Residential Curbside Recycling Program

Only these items can be added to your recycling bin.  Anything other than the items listed are considered residue.  Recyclables must be loose, never wrapped in plastic bags.  Any food waste residue or liquids remaining in containers will contaminate the recyclables and will deem them debris.

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard – cereal boxes, shoe boxes
  • Paper – office paper, newsprint, NO SHREDDED PAPER
  • Plastics 1 and 2
    PETE #1- soda, water and some other beverage bottles
    HDPE Natural #2- Milk Jugs
    HDPE Colored #2- Laundry Jugs
  • Aluminum and Tin cans.


NO Plastic bags or plastic film of any kind, including grocery sacks, pet food bags, bread bags.

NO Plastics #3-7

NO Juice or Beverage Paper Cartons

NO Food Waste

NO Glass

NO Disposable Diapers- YUCK!

NO Medical Waste or Needles

NO Grass, Green Waste, Wood

NO Foam Cup or Containers

NO Clothes or Shoes

NO Children’s Toys, Laundry Baskets or Large Plastic Items

NO Batteries

NO Dead Animals